Perfekt für Wasserspender

Perfect for water dispensers

FILL ME bottle 1 liter - only it fits under the water dispenser

An adult should drink 2 to 2.5 liters of liquid per day, preferably water. Too little fluid intake can lead to dizziness, headaches or nausea. It also impairs work performance. This can result in difficulty concentrating and a drop in performance. Companies are therefore well advised to ensure that their employees always have enough drinking water within reach.

Our FILL ME drinking bottles are often used in companies that do not use disposable plastic bottles and instead install water dispensers connected to tap or table water. According to a study by Carbotech ("Ökobilanz Wasserspender IWB 2020" March 2020), this improves the carbon footprint by more than 83% and is even cheaper. A liter bottle is particularly suitable for companies where employees are often on the move within the building - for example in hospitals or retirement homes.

When developing the design of the 1 liter bottle, it was therefore important to us that it would fit among the various water dispensers. Conventional glass carafes are around 30 cm high and cannot be closed. There are very few sealable 1 liter glass bottles and even these are usually just under 30 cm high. The spout height of most water dispensers, however, is usually only around 25 cm high. This is precisely why the shape of our 1 liter FILL ME bottle is somewhat bulbous. It is only 23.7 cm high without the lid. This means it fits under all standard water dispensers.
The feather-light borosilicate glass also really comes into its own with the 1 liter bottle. Standard 1 liter glass water bottles often weigh up to one kilo. Such a full bottle is therefore often too heavy to carry around. The FILL ME bottle weighs just under 500 grams and can be carried comfortably on the handle.

This is confirmed by Ms. Saxer from the Bürgerasyl-Pfrundhaus retirement home in Zurich: "We use the BWT water dispenser here. Finding a 1 liter water bottle that fits under the opening and is visually attractive was impossible. Until I came across the FILL ME bottle. I can fill up several bottles with one hand and even carry them all into the meeting room with the carrying handle, which is very practical and quick. There are different colored "sealing rings" to distinguish still water from sparkling water.

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